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June 1, 2013

Anchored off Tioman at dusk Friday 31st

Unfortunately Immigration had already gone home so best laid plans(going ashore early doors!!) were put on hold the following morning until the Captain had sorted everything out !!

Then mass exit to shore…..

Delayed slightly by Phillip testing the quality of his lifejacket by being 6ins short of the distance between the Doti boat he was on, and the ships ladder he had hold of !!!!! and then the Doti was hauled over by the island boat police doing an admirable impression of the opening sequence of Hawaii Five O (minus helicopter !!!) complaining that the Doti had too many in…and having never seen wheelchairs in one, doh !!

Once ashore all the locals piled into a food court for Burgers etc…..

It definitely won the prize for the slowest fast food in the world, an hour and three quarters (!!!!!!)later we split up to head for a variety of beaches, the Duty Free shop or just a meander along the high street(well, actually, the only street)

Though it was a trifle disconcerting to have the local plane land parallel to the High St just 40 metres behind it(yes, really!!!)

Honourable Uncle Alan took his girls to feed the fish by the right hand pier whilst some more adventurous headed to explore or snorkel off the left hand beach. Fab time had by all—though still trying to work out how someone, who shall remain nameless lost the snorkel breathing tube

All managed to make the last doti back just after 5pm local time……mind you the promise of free cocktails on the bridge and a fabulous sunset BBQ helped

All gathered on deck for the sun downers cocktail….that had a taste of strong caiparinias, don’t think it touched the sides as we chilled in 28degrees!! Food by Marco & Derek and it was agreed one of the best BBQ’s us regulars had ever had aboard the Lord Nelson

AftPort Chris, Philip, Glen, Shi, Aaron,Ricky, Ants, Ryan, Peter.

Day6 2nd June and voyage end the 3rd June

A few sore heads were evident this morning but it was up and about, breakfast then time for the assisted climbs. Wheelchairs up the main and assisted up the fore. The look on these voyagers faces when standing on the platform never ceases to touch me. The Captain went ashore for clearance from the customs and then it was up anchor and away to Singapore we go. Goodbye to the idyllic Tioman Island and thank you for making us so welcome. A night at sea tonight then its back into Singapore (via the customs and immigration anchorage) to be welcomed by family and friends. Then its goodbye to our latest crop of voyagers, many no doubt that will have life long memories of the time they sailed a tall ship in the South China Sea.


Medical Purser

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