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June 4, 2013

Day 5; Began for us in Cherbourg, which was a Grand start to the day, we were alongside at a WW2Port. We left and started to make our way upto L’havre, the clouds were in and the sea was a slight bit rough, many on board made their way to the side of the ship to feed the fish and feel sorry for themselves, to the amusement to the rest of the non-sickly crew.

We got our sails up, turned the engines off and we were sailing. It turned out to be a splendid afternoon as the sun came out, warmed up the ship, the sea calmed down and the rest of the crew rejoined us on deck. We changed course to make best track in to L’harve, set the sails and all settled down to have a fantastic evening on board our Tenacious.

Phil Meyrick – Fwd Port

“great voyage great company and a great experience!” Pedro the pirate.

“The crew are all getting tucked up for a good night’s sleep before another fun day sailing tomorrow” Carole MP.

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