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June 10, 2013

And so it begins… STW5 the next leg in the Lord Nelsons epic voyage around the world.

7/06/13 – 10/06/13

Friday – We joined Nelly at 1pm following instructions from the JST, some of us experienced, some of us first timers but one thing was for sure the next 44 days are sure to be life changing!

After an introduction from Captain Barbara and her crew we spent Friday afternoon getting to know the ropes – literally!

Before the heat of Saturday sapped our energy we were the chosen ones to go aloft and even those filled with trepidation and fear didn’t let the watch down. The climbs certainly gathered in the crowds from Vivo City, not to mention the press! However, our jubilation didn’t last long when we were introduced to ‘Happy Hour’; those of you who have never sailed before may think this involved the partaking of cocktails however on board STS Lord Nelson this means cleaning the ship from top to bottom, including as our Aussie ship mates would say the ‘dunnies’.

Sunday – A free day! The watch split into three; our ‘watch’ baby, Eli, headed to Sentosa Island to explore the beach, under the eagle eye of Watchleader Mike, AKA Daddy, whilst the grandparents, AKA John and Jonathan visited the breath-taking gardens at Marina Bay Sands and the girls hit the mall – what a surprise!

At last D-day arrived – not only were we greeted by the press but also sadly by the rain. After the habitual PR, snapping lenses and incompetent local lines-men, we bid farewell to the harbour front to set anchor off-shore in order to take on our valuable stores, namely the Duty Free, water & fuel.

Some of the watch, (you know who you are!), chose to get themselves involved in a touch of mudfighting & subsequent reprisals which lasted throughout the day; let’s just say some of us didn’t have the need to shower tonight!

We write this as Anna has retired to her bunk after successfully completing her climb using the new ascender & we sit on the upper deck, following a roast dinner & watching the setting sun….

Forward Port Watch – Mike, Jonathan, John, Ruth, Alli, Anna & Eli

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