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June 18, 2013

Bali at last!

After a quite amazing feat of “parking” into our berth at Benoa Marina by Captain Barbara we arrived in Bali at midday. Having done all the paperwork the crew were glad to be able to go and explore, the first port of call being the ATM to get local currency. 15,000 rupees to the £1! The marina’s position meant we were a taxi ride from beaches,restaurants etc. but parties off us went in various directions and everyone had a good time, either swimming, sampling the local delicacies and delights of cafes and restaurants or enjoying the nightlife with the rest of the tourist visitors.

We were pleased to welcome Steph aboard, another escaping Salisbury resident who came to replace doc Helen. We were sorry to say goodbye to Helen, who has other ships to sail on. We enjoyed her company and wish her well. So welcome aboard Steph!

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