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June 30, 2013

Sunday, another day in paradise…..

The ship was a buzz in anticipation of our day trip over to Direction Island. With lunches packed the DOTI boat ferried people to our very own desert island – we had the place to ourselves!

Words cannot describe the beauty of the place – turquoise, crystal clear waters, white sands with the consistency of flour, & swaying palms. It became apparent though that we had company – How rude! Thousands of bright red hermit crabs of varying sizes scurried around the beaches & found shelter from the ever increasing heat by hiding in the undergrowth.

Once everyone was ashore Captain Barbara lead the way to ‘The Rip’; a fierce stretch of sea that took you over the reef & threw you out in to the atoll. Hot on her heels were Steve the medical purser & Alli, followed by John, Ants the BM & Paul the cadet. The sea life varied from rays & sharks to parrot & clown fish – it was like swimming in an aquarium.

Chris, in his usual fashion, ran around the whole island, while others, Stevie & Allan, John & Jonathan, explored at a slower place. After lunch the younger members of the crew, namely James the BM, Ryan the cadet & Eli enjoyed time on the pontoon. As the afternoon drew to a close & we returned to Nellie dolphins played in the bow wave of the DOTI boat, much to the delight of us all & we didn’t think the day could get much better!!!

Back on board there was just enough time for a shower, another film shoot before the well-received BBQ on the bridge.

The fresh air, sun & exercise had obviously taken its toll on everyone as the bar was deserted by 10 p.m.

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