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June 17, 2013

After a day of being treated like celebrities by the French public, we enjoyed our first night at sea.

We set sails, enjoyed a Sunday roast with ice cream, chocolate sauce and pears for desert and headed North into the Channel.

Aft Port took the watch from midnight ’til four during which we successfully dodged the West to East shipping traffic. Two hours before breakfast, Aft Starboard, under the command of Richard the Mate, managed to wear ship, across the shipping lanes, on their own, without waking anyone up!

This meant that we were then heading back towards France again.

So far this morning we have enjoyed breakfast and Happy Hour, with almost all hands present.

Unfortunately a few of us are feeling a little queasy, but no doubt they’ll feel better once we’ve arrived in Cherbourg this afternoon.

David, Jonathan, Alex, Chris, Pam, Emma, Nicky, and Liane on AP, plus the rest of the crew on Tenacious.

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