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June 18, 2013

Je m’appele Margaret. J’ai un maladie etje ne peux ni marcher ni parler. Avant d’arriver a Rouen Samedi, j’etais tres nerveuse. Je commencais a regretter d’avoir reserve un lit dans le bateau Tenacious. (Je n’ai pas de dictionnaire et doncje n’ai pas le vocabulaire pour decrier les activites ou les partis du bateau. Le voyage est superbe, Tout le monde est tres gentil et je suis tres heureuse. Meme je suis montee le mat dans mon fauteuil roulant! Je ne regret pas de faire le voyage.

Like Margaret, everyone seems to be having a great time. Most of us ate ashore last night in Cherbourg, where we arrived at around 15.00 yesterday. We had a great sail here, and then helped with fenders and mooring ropes when we arrived. Today has been hands aloft, with Margaret being hoisted up the foreward mast in her wheelchair, she loved it !

Others who needed a bit or a lot of assistance climbed the main mast with Chris the Bosun.

Someone felt unwell when they got to the crows nest, so Jane and Richard were called to the rescue! Happily the person was able to climb down slowly after a quick medical and a rest, and has recovered again.

So now the sun is out, the sea if flat and we are motoring out to sea.

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