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June 21, 2013

A wet day in Boulogne was made brighter by a visit to the British, mainly World War 1, cemetery. A short walk (about 3miles) up through the town rewarded the walker by cresting the hill and having an inspiring view of the cemetery nestling in a green small valley, with the mist just revealing the tops of approximately 4000 white headstones.

The whole was immaculately cared for, with well trimmed grass, highlighted by rows of flowers along each row. Extremely atmospheric and very moving! The walk back gave a worth the effort panoramic view of the town and harbour.

We left harbour at 17.30pm British Summer time, and under Captain Steve’s direction, Tenacious left a difficult mooring berth with ease . A huge crowd had gathered from nowhere to watch our departure, and must have been impressed by the co ordination of the whole crew! I also discovered Forward Starboard watch are (almost) behaving like seamen/seawomen at last …!. I need to take to my bunk to prepare for our night watch.

Garry W/L (FS)

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