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July 9, 2013

Voyage Day 4. Tall Ships Race Day 1.

Again, we woke to a calm and sunny morning: the Baltic is gaining admirers on this voyage.

Immediately after breakfast, the peace of the day was transformed into a hive of activity on deck.

A couple of sails had to be released from their harbour stows and then every single sail on the ship was set in preparation for the race start at 11am. Even our Bosun, Alana, had never seen the Upper Spanker in action before!

By mid-morning all of our deadly competitors (sorry, in the spirit of the races, perhaps that should read “friendly rivals”!) had mustered at the start line – and then we were off. To be honest, the race has been more stately than super fast so far, though we did get a very close up view of some of the ships. Why was Christian Radich backing up towards us?!

Tenacious has sailed 20 nautical miles in the first 9 hours, but we are confidently expecting brisker winds, more sail setting and sleep deprivation tonight… Meanwhile, you’ll be pleased to hear that Tenacious was the clear winner in a water bombing skirmish with Alexander von Humboldt II, landing several on deck. We were most impressed when their Captain appeared with his umbrella!

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