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July 11, 2013

Day 6 onboard Tenacious and we are on watch right now,going quite slowly at the moment, but trying to pick up speed. Last night wewere on night watch from 2000-0000, and we saw a lot of lightning, a bit of rain,and even less wind.

We even saw a ship with questionable lighting, i.e. itusually didn’t have any (we think it was a ghost ship). The men on the ship arestarting to grow beards, because we now have to start conserving water, sincethe sea is too shallow to allow us to make more. We’re even clocking ourshowers, so we can be as speedy as possible, and using so little water, we’rebarely even having a shower. Our speed greatly varied last night, as we handedand set the sails again and again. With a top speed of 10.7kn, we moved up inour class to 7th position. This morning, we wore ship after breakfast, whichrequired a lot of rope pulling.

Aft port is now the watch with the most’fashionable’ headgear (and aliens) andour watch is getting prepared for the Baltics with snowflakes and reindeers.We’re using muscles we didn’t know we had trying to stay upright on the ship,and we’re now having to use our lee-cloths every night to avoid interestinginjuries.

We look forward to our night watch this evening and will be on thelookout for more strange occurrences to report (bear in mind these might beimaginary considering we’re not expecting to get much sleep before our watch).Live long and prosper.

Aft Port (Fiona, Eva, Bill, Lewis, Emil, Alice, Luke, Mona(and Michael) with special guest BM Katie).

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