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July 21, 2013

Crossing the Baltic Sea!!! After a rather rough night, the sun is out and sails are up: the mainmast squared with both top sails and the t’gallant set; foremast braced to port with both top sails, t’gallant and course sails set. It took a little while to set the t’gallant on the foremast as we decided to include a “jam session” (unintentionally though). The two bosun’s mates Mike and Alec went aloft to fix the sails. Glenn our bosun is showing the youngsters how to “get knotted” (i.e. how to tie knots and other things…).

Cruising along and life is good!

Anke on behalf of forward starboard watch: Ali (watchleader), Clive, Brian,Tony, Sam, Tim and Caity.

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