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Book now for your 2014 Red Devil Tandem skydive for the Jubilee Sailing Trust

The Jubilee Sailing Trust have reserved spaces for their fundraisers on the 6 August 2014 at Old Sarum Airfeld near Salisbury . If you wish to take part in this day and in order to guarantee your place you need to book by 11 June 2014.

Experience the adrenaline rush of tandem skydiving with the best in the business! This exciting day will involve an introduction to the Red Devils Team followed by a thorough training session on the ground.

When you are fully briefed and it is your turn to jump you will board the aircraft with your Red Devils tandem instructor, once aboard you will be attached to your instructor in readiness for the jump. The aircraft will take off and climb to 13,000ft (2 1/2 miles up!), during the climb you will be able to see stunning aerial views from a unique perspective.

At exit altitude you move to the door of the aircraft and on the count of 3 jump out into free fall. For some people the next 45 seconds lasts forever, for others it is over in the blink of an eye. However it takes you, your instructor will deploy the parachute at approximately 6,000ft for the canopy ride to the ground.

There are limited Red Devil tandem days available for the Jubilee Sailing Trust so please BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

  •  Maximum height: 6’2
  •  Maximum weight: 15st men 13st for women (unless tall – call for details)
  •  Minimum age: 16

 Aged 40 or older will need a declaration of fitness signed by their GP.

  • Course takes place at: Old Sarum, nr Salisbury, Wiltshire on Wednesday 7th August 2014
  • Price for a Red Devil Tandem Skydive experience is £299, to book your space you will need to pay a booking fee of £100. Then you can either pay your own balance of £199 or alternatively if you wish to use your sponsorship money to pay that balance you will need to raise a minimum of £500 reaching this target no later than 2 weeks before your jump.
  • For an additional fee of £120, you can have your tandem skydive experience filmed by an expert free fall cameramen (subject to availability).

For more information please contact Kelly Carter on or 023 8042 6868

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