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August 10, 2013

Tenacious: Departure from Aalburg and sailing on the Northsea. Around the clock of 9 we departed Aalborg (Denmark). An unknown local threw his sweater with an ‘Aalborg-print’ onboard of the ship, as a souvenir from his city. While sailing through the channel from Aalborg to the Northsea, Richard gave a training about the weather, how high-pressure areas and low-pressure areas on earth stipulate the weather. The whole ship was cleaned during the happy hour. Everything shined and smelled fresh!

After lunch we got sail training. Hoisting the jib and storing the topsail. We made several beautiful pictures of all the brave girls and boys on the yard. Because of the rain the next group activity was

in the lower mess. We learned each other ‘Head, shoulders, knee and tone’ in 5 different languages.

Funny to hear the similar sounds in the words. You can hear that our languages are not far from each other.

It was first sitting dinner for us and watch from 18 till 20h. Martin put on a captain cap on his head.

Darren, the captain, gave his shirt so Martin looked like a real captain! Maybe he will be one in the future?

The last activity of the day was filling in the investigation surveys of Dan. It took less time now (it was the second time) than the first time. The group was enjoying itself very well in the evening. Playing cards, playing the guitar and chilling. A calm and pleasant end of the day!

Sunday, the 10th of August 2013. After a night with more waves than before, we had a nice watch from 8 till 12.30h. There was sun and wind and we were sailing with 3 sails. We sail from Denmark to Scotland now. I hope that we can visit Holey-Island; that will be fun!

Pauline, Netherlands

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