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August 13, 2013

From Monday 12.00am, written by Simon and Tobias.

Sandwiches for lunch, had a talk about navigation by Rowan – useful for beginners.

The murder game started after smoko and a few where down after a few hours.

We had a watch from 8 to 12 pm and put up some sails more precisely, the mizzen topmast staysail and the foretopmast stay sail, together with the inner jib. We calculated an average speed during 30 minutes, reset it and could see no reason to be concerned about the rudder. It was the wheel which caused the ship to slow down. We could start stow the square sails to reduce the wind resistance but the permanent crew find it to be too dangerous to go aloft in the conditions. The sail action the last 24 hours have then been taking up 3 stay sails and once we braced the yards.

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