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September 17, 2013

Day 5 Tuesday 17th September

The strong east wind has now calmed down and we’ve had a comfortable night, catching up on sleep and no vomiting. Before going on watch we celebrated Billy’s birthday again. It was a great evening, with a moon and the southern cross to observe: northerners learned how to find south.

In the morning we were still under sail, but we couldn’t continue due south much longer with the easterly wind, as the idea is to round the bottom of Tasmania, so we handed the sails (on the mainmast, t’gallant, topsail and course, on the foremast no t’gallant), and proceeded under power. This gave some brave people the opportunity to shin up aloft and stow the sails. Some were determined while they were up there to make the very top of the mast; and not only the young ones.

Billy and Justin went fishing off the stern this morning. Something bit, but nothing was landed.

Now as we write this we are cruising calmly along the west coast of Tasmania, spotting the odd seal. Weather cloudy and cold, but pleasant, with a calm sea.

Aft Starboard.

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