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September 2, 2013

Welcome to my third trip on Tenacious, this life changing experiences, with new raw recruits and some with a few trips under their belts. Nothing in life can prepare you for this amazing adventure. No trip is ever the same, people from all walks of life, disabled and not , coming together once we docked in Cherbourg and had chance to share a meal together and come together to share what the Jubilee Sailing Trust gives you , the expertise of the Captain, Simon, and his crew . How with gentle but firm training they knock us all into shape, with every task you need to sail and operate a tall ship. The people on this trip have just blown my mind, how can you ever explain what the jubilee sailing trust gives you unless you book a sail? So we are just off Isle of Wight at moment and I’m just about to go on mess duty. I’ll be back asap for next trip on this floating fantastic Tenacious – more than a tall ship but home to all that fall in love with the ship.

Gary Forward Port Watch

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