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October 13, 2013

Day 6

Greetings from the Aft Port watch.

Today has been a ‘quieter’ day than previous due to our watch hours this afternoon and then the anti-social early early morning shift, plus Sunday work rules. The Lord Nelson certainly isn’t quiet though, with the wind speed between 25 and 30 knots. Beautiful conditions to be sailing in although the boat heel is leading to some interesting situations, including food taking short flights and some of our young ladies nearly landing on occupied bunks during wake-up calls!

We’re making good progress towards New Zealand and feeling quite competitive with our speeds; never mind the tall ship race as it’s all about who can achieve the highest speed on helm. Mike achieved good speed on the helm yesterday although today is unfortunately not wheelchair weather so he enjoyed breakfast in bed.

Food is still top-notch and everyone appears to have a sizeable appetite, no doubt due to the bracing air. Ian is taking pride in being part of the ‘crack’ mess team, being dressed to impress and even a quick shave before serving dinner.

Everyone is well and we’ve finally all got our sea legs, which is fortunate as this evening could have ‘interesting’ weather in the words of Captain Chris.

From the Aft Port watch – Wayman, Seb, Fiona, John L, John M, Mike, Ian, Isobel and Jen


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