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October 30, 2013

Day 4

Greeting from forward port!

So we saw sun fish wave to us from the stern of the boat, as we passed White Island yesterday. We are only motoring on our diesel engine (the iron spinnaker), due to currently no wind at all. Although we have been unlucky with the wind, the actual weather, we couldn’t be much luckier with. It has surpassed all expectations and defied all known weather forecasts. We got the most interesting weather information report last night, with the news that ‘Space Debris’ was falling into the ocean!

We now at Urewera Ranges off to starboard, with the East Cape well in sight. We are expecting to arrive in Napier for lunchtime tomorrow. With talks on sail setting and light/signals, we have been thoroughly enthralled and consider ourselves seasoned sailors. As we are heading south, the sun is behind us in the north. A bit of surprise for us ‘Northern Hemispherer’s’. Greetings from Susan at the helm, as we constantly zig-zag our way down the coast.

Much loved to all at home, Joab, Nathan, Susan, Bruce, Chris, Carol, and Rachel.


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