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November 2, 2013

Day 7

Hello from a beautiful Waiarapa coastline, less than a day’s sail from tomorrow’s planned anchorage in the Marlborough Sounds (and the long anticipated barbeque!)

We are now under sail after a windy, cold night of motoring, trying to outsmart the ‘Young Endeavour’ who are close on our stern.

We’ve had many exciting wildlife encounters over the last 24hours from swooping albatrosses to waving seals and sightings of two sharks from aloft/a.k.a the new sunbathing platform!

We all learnt our bowlines this morning in a very educational talk on ‘the art of Knots’ from the fine BMs.

Off now for a sunbathe before more gluttony!

Forward Starboard watch (Tim, Jen, Christine, Kevin, Seb, Ann, Sophie/’He)

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