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November 13, 2013

Day 4

Day four began with assisted climbs, our three wheelies did an outstanding job getting up to the first platform and were ecstatic, some taking a while to be convinced to come down. Our morning finished with some final real coffees, more visits to the Edwin Fox, and Mate Jon getting in some Christmas shopping. We cast off after lunch in some ‘interesting’ wind conditions. Captain Barbara described it as “pretty blustery”. We sailed towards the entrance of Queen Charlotte’s sound, putting up and taking down the sails multiple times as the wind continued changing direction. We initially anchored at Ferno cove but quickly realised during dinner that the anchor was not holding in the silt. So we moved to Punga cove for a safe anchorage as the winds became much stronger in the Cook Strait.

The Bosun Jim (ex RN) the MP Steve (ex-Army) and watch leader Billy (serving Australian Army) were whisked away by the local Returned Services Association to Blenheim to attend the remembrance service held there.

Best wishes to everyone at home from Forward Starboard watch

Jen, Katia, Kay, Stretch, Alison, Carolyn, Merran and Bruce


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