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November 19, 2013

STW24 Nelson to Auckland

Day 2 19th Nov

Sunny Nelson welcomed the Lord Nelson with a civic welcome, a Maori welcome and lovely weather. The new crew arrived on board and settled in but unfortunately we were kept waiting for some mysterious part that the engineers felt were vital to the Nellie’s ability to move. Who were we to question Marco?

However it gave us plenty of time to run through all the necessary briefings inside while the weather was fine. But as soon as a very strong rain storm swept through, Captain Barbara decided it was necessary to don all the glamorous wet-weather gear and practise climbing the rigging. As soon as we were all safely down the rain stopped and after dinner we headed out on shore leave.

Day 2, Tuesday, we did more training as the engineers laboured long and hard to fix the mysterious what-ever it was and after waiting for an enormous cargo ship to enter port we were able to move off. Then Stew, who has never set wheelchair on a sailing ship before, steered us out of the harbour and headed north.

The afternoon was sheer bliss – the sun is shining from a blue and virtually cloudless sky, the sails are hanging in their gear (another piece of nautical language we have picked up!) and we wait with bated breath for the captain to give the order to set sail.

Aft Port Watch now signing off – Sherwood our leader, Stew, Del, Yvonne, Kasserine, Chrissie and Marg

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