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November 1, 2013

Today the Tenacious is in north west corner of the Bay of Biscay making her descent south towards Lisbon. With a south by south west wind it has been difficult to set any sails. The visibility has been cloudy and the sea state has been moderate for most of the morning, but hopefully will get better by mid-day.

Adam Rizzo

Yesterday evenings’ dinner finished with a few Halloween games, inspired by Ash and Cat the BM’s. Several screams and howls of laughter were heard from the main deck as many faces were seen covered in flour after apple dunking followed by hunt the choc buttons – hidden in a bowl of flour of course!

A wet night followed for those on night watches. We are awaiting the forecasted veer in the wind to the NW, when we will be able to set square sails, and have braced the yards in anticipation of this wonderous event!

Colum the Second Mate is convinced that this will occur at 1150, with lovely blue skies and a following wind. Has he been at sea too long, or has he been looking into his crystal ball again! Only time will tell..

Ali x


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