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November 3, 2013

8 ‘Til Late Watch.

2-6-HEAVE! Start in the dark was an experience, one which rapidly got us sailing at a steady 9 Knots (maybe even 10.5 at times?!). Course and Lower

Topsails up and happily luffing in the wind. We longed to see a starry sky, alas a 6/8 cloud coverage was a hindrance.

Although, a phone app lead us to the discovery of ‘Gruss’ the crane star constellation. Who looked nothing like a crane. Jim kindly offered his expertise coaching as the magic box spoke the numbers 180, on course to Lisboa.

Meanwhile, talk in the chart-room with 1st Mate and Captain of increasing recycling on board and eradicating blocked-shower syndrome to make new ropes for the ship using the crew’s hair…

All in all, a very pleasant watch with a good bunch.


Sunshine Sunday Watch.

After a scrummy soup and heart-warming home made bread (skilfully served by mess-men might we add), we found ourselves surrounded by cargo ships and welcomed the warming southern sun. Time for shorts and sunglasses for sure! A spectator seal was spotted on STBD followed by the one and only Free Willy who was looking sharp for a silver-surfer.

Most of the crew rejected 2nd Mate’s suggestion of hopping on neighbouring ship on route for birth 104, Southampton as we did not envy the gales back home.

Needless to say, that our watch’s helm-man skills continue to surpass all others, providing the crew with a sweet and smooth journey to our final destination.

Aft Stbd

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