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November 11, 2013

A good night was had by all tasting the local tapas served in many small restaurants through the quaint narrow streets of Cadiz. Today, Sunday, we have a full day to explore the town at our leisure.

Before we leave the ship Frances from, Aft Starboard, is hauled in a wheel chair up the fore mast to view the surrounding architecture of Cadiz to plan her route.

One keen group of voyage crew decide to take a morning walk with a dip in the sea before a tasty meal in the beach cafĂ©. Cadiz has several walks all with an interest. There is one route that will allow you to discover the city’s golden age when it became the gateway to a flourishing trade with the Indies. All crew were expected to be back on board by 5pm/6pm to have their evening meal before departing Cadiz. The port stop has been a great success and it is not long before we make way to a new destination, Gibraltar. Unfortunately we may not be unable to get a berth so once we have taken on fuel we probably will go to an anchorage.

The pilot has left the ship as the night covers us in a cloak of darkness.

A watch remains on the bridge while the others take to their bunks.



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