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November 16, 2013

Last night there was some very dramatic weather as we raced towards Palma, dark cloud 360 degrees around, with frequent lightning bolts and flashes from all angles. It was an extremely ominous scene, with not a single ship in sight all through the night.

The sea was rocky and wild, more so than any other day on this voyage. Safety lines had been set around the ship for those weak in the knees. Often the ship would rise and crash, followed by roaring white sprays gushing over the bow. The ship was being sailed close to the wind to get as much speed out of her as possible, hitting around 9 knots, all in an effort to get her to Palma as quickly as possible.

The weather calmed a slight overnight, still retaining a good swell though. By morning the wind had changed and so had our course. Sails were set and the still rocky weather kept stirring and the deck was awash with sea water spilling over the bow, at the same time we pushed through a good cloud of rain, coming sideways across the deck.

Around 2 o’clock the wind again changed forcing us to take down the sails and run off motor in order to keep our course true towards Palma. The sea calmed and the sun started to gleam through gaps in the cloud and by half three Palma was in view on the horizon.

With calmer seas and skies we are making our last stretch to the shores of Majorca to signify the end of this sensational Voyage. Finally just to bring the whole weather pattern to a dramatic end we have a water spout on horizon on the port side. ETA in Palma 7:30 pm

Hayden FWD STB


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