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November 22, 2013

3 Day Summary

Welcome back blog watchers 🙂

Well, where do I start – The week started with a bleak outlook weather wise, with rain overhead and on the horizon.

The first night we stayed in harbour due to a later arrival of voyage crew, not a bad idea as some were travelling all day.

Day 2

Breakfast was served followed by our safety and sail training, lunch was a quick one as everyone was eager to set sail and breakaway from the clutches of Palma, sail training continued, followed by some bracing of the yards, the evening was ours, but the waves had picked up and some people were feeling the negative emotions of the sea 🙁 the numbers on deck dwindled, the corridors quiet, all that could be heard was the bow, pushing through the force 8 winds we had,the watches that night felt the full force of it, suffering cold winds, heavy rain, wicked spray and the odd lightening bolt, impressive stuff for the Med.

Day 3

Numbers were low at breakfast, but slowly people emerged from there bunks, feeling somewhat better, due to a new found calm amongst the waters, slowly the Spanish coast appeared on the horizon, sun in the sky, Barcelona in our sights, the mood picked up quickly.

Shamefully, due to the wind being on our bow the whole way, no sailing was done, but we still arrived in Barcelona proud and happy to be on Tenacious.

Shore leave followed, time to explore the sights and delights of Barcelona.

Written by Jared

Jared Colclough of Forward Starboard


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