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December 20, 2013


Day 6 

We’re underway after a slight delay for a repair to a stay. During gangway duty there was another birthday – Sweeney, voyage crew, who was a linesman and had her sweetie birthday cake sent ashore in a bucket!

Sweeney’s birthday cake – ashore!

LN1 ln2

We cast off from Auckland Harbour about 1030 this morning. The sun was and is still shining and there is a gentle breeze – on the nose! So we are elegantly motoring away from Auckland accompanied by blue skies and – best of all – blue penguins. We passed lots of small groups of these engaging little fat birds, which was a delight. So we are set fair for a sail down to Napier where we plan to celebrate Christmas, yippee!

With sun, few clouds and a light breeze it is a great afternoon for seeing gannets, shearwaters and even a little storm petrel. Happy days now at sea after repairs in port.

From Aft Port watch: Colin, JR, Vinny, John, Wendy, Bob, Brian, Steven and Celia



Bye Auckland – it was nice to stay but time for Lord Nelson and her intrepid crew to go to sea

As yet we have found no stowaways on board despite the many volunteers!

Late news flash: The first crew to ‘feed the fish’: Godfrey: BM – he was up on the Cross Trees!

2nd News Flash – Godfrey’s second attempt hit the captain!




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