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December 27, 2013

Ship’s blog, stardate 2013:12:27

We’ve had a thoroughly varied 24 hours – starting with flat seas inside Hawke Bay, drizzle and cloud down to the ground. There were small vessels and lobster floats looming out of the grey all around us which were invisible on radar due to the scattered echo of the rain, and only just visible at about one mile range to the eagle eyes of our watch. Then overnight there was an icy cold rain stinging our skins and giving us a taste of things to come. Dave thought he had come on a cruise of the South Seas in summer, only to realise sometime in the wee small hours that the Southern Ocean in summer is not quite the same! However this afternoon we have the glorious clear sky and deep blue of an ocean 3000m deep. Those suffering mal de mer are starting to look more human, and we’ve managed to go from motorsailing with the fore and aft sails to fully sailing under square sails. As we write, the main and fore courses and tops’ls are up, as is the outer jib and main t’gallant. The hardy Bosun’s mates are about to clamber aloft with a couple of equally hardy members of Aft Starboard to cast off the gaskets on the fore t’gallant, while albatross soar effortlessly around us in mockery of all the hoohah involved when humans go down to the deep blue sea…


Happy Half Way Round the World Cake

…and we must not forget that today marks the halfway mark: halfway to the Chatham Isles but more importantly we are about to pass the 180th meridian and after that it’s the home stretch for the Lord Nelson! Cookie baked (half) a halfway cake in celebration of this momentous occasion… and also because he thought we might be cake deprived as it’s been a couple of days since our last birthday cake – that special birthday pud for Jesus!

Aft Starboard: W/L Natalie, Dick, Mike, Sweeney, Meg, Fiona, Colin and Dave. Sadly Barbara has been pressganged by Forward Port, so now we are 8.

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