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December 31, 2013

Day 17

We have definitely headed in to the wild abyss as weather conditions continue to deteriorate. Keeping to the Aft. Starboard tradition of rain and high winds! The 8pm – midnight watch was very wet, and we are now being true sailors and sailing to wind rather than to course. We managed to keep the outer Jibe, the mizzen stay sail, fore and main topsail and course up most of the watch, but just as change over was about to happen the winds started gusting 35knots, a mighty force 7. We had just enough man power between the two watches to douse the main course sail.

Of course our next watch we were greeted with more rain, and some hail! Just to keep us on our toes! We have enjoyed the odd sighting of some pilot whales, and seals. There has also been some sightings of Orca whales. Just a taste of the fruitfulness the Southern Ocean has to offer.

Aft, Starboard, W/L Natalie, Sweeney, Meg, Fiona, Mike, Dick, Dave, Colin


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