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January 8, 2014

Day 26

Writing this while sitting in stunning sunshine with a keen wind from the west. If at home we would be finding this breeze very warm, but things are very different here in the southern ocean. The breeze has a northly feel to it. Anyhow I have managed to find a sheltered spot and where no murders shall be committed!

photo19 photo20 photo21

Talking of murders the game progresses; Natalie managed to kill with great skill and patience Captain Chris with a mere blue sticky mat. She was the quickly dispatched by Cooks Assistant Margaret with a guitar. This is the most action the guitar has seen on this voyage. Then Margaret was killed with an apron in matter of seconds by Bob! The game continues today with only a few remaining. Who will be next? So you folks in the real world don’t worry too much the Captain has recovered from being ousted from the game and remains alive and well in the real world!

photo22 photo23

BM Stu and Bridget on high

Yesterday saw the all crew help Cookie Dave celebrate his 25th Wedding anniversary. Tracey and Margaret the Cooks Assistant baked a surprise cake while he slept. We all toasted him and his good wife Janice. When asked the secret to his successful marriage he advised that sending your husband to sea for long periods of time helped!

Nellie (Lord Nelson) kept the crew on their toes when helming yesterday; with large swells and swirling wind directs helming her became a tricky process. Many crew who had started to gain confidence in their helming found the conditions challenging and poor Nellie gained some rather cursed names during this period! She is good but not that good that she has power over the elements.

Yesterday we travelled 131nm on a course of 090 and 110 this leaves 3116nm to Cape Horn.

Happy sailing from the Port Aft Watch Colin, Bob, Brian, Ceila, John G, JR, Stephen, Vinney, Wendy.


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