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January 13, 2014

Day 31

Chardonnay felt the warm sun on her face as she helmed at 095 degrees, hard to the wind. The seas of the previous day, with a 6 metre swell breaking over the stern of the ship, had calmed. The yards were now braced to port with main and fore course and topsails powering the ship, together with the outer jib and mizzen staysail giving her stability and pointing power.

Earlier this morning, during the handing of the T’Gallant, Horatio had climbed the foremast and inched his way along the T’Gallant yard. Chardonnay imagined his strong hands as he struggled against the gusts to secure the gasket on the windward side. He was right out on the Flemish Horse (the last foot rope). How brave as well as ruggedly handsome he is, will he be equally dishy after the sponsored beard shave, she wondered?


Bridge level view of swell

As the fruit supply aboard dwindles so oranges are becoming precious currency, Chardonnay risked a dressing down from the upper mess by brazenly taking an orange below, secreted beneath her JST polo shirt, close to her fluttering heart. “Just for you Horatio”, she said. His deft hands slivered the orange into portions and as she sat down he slipped a segment between her lips.

The great egg drop has been postponed again due to the wind strength, allowing minor changes to be made to presentations. Last night, some members of the watch gathered in a secluded corner of the bar to plot. A roll of the ship sent Horatio’s seat skidding across the floor to nearly land against Chardonnay’s legs….

(to be continued)

Forward Starboard Watch
Chardonnay, Horatio, Paul, Alan, Andrew, Mike, Liz, Steph, Emma & Wendy


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