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January 25, 2014

Day 43

Forward Starboard Watch

After a period of flat seas and no winds, we are once again heading apace to Cape Horn, course 130, 16 knots of wind from SW, giving us a 7 knot forward speed. Today, we might pass the 1,000 miles to Cape Horn “marker”.

Chardonnay and Horatio has been serialised and is now broadcast on ship daily, causing much amusement and many suggestions for plot lines from all on board. Captain is doing a fantastic job with all the character accents – there are many more to come.

Bunk wars continues apace with Paul most certainly on the back foot. He now sends extra security watches to check on the f’castle. To no avail. Last night his bunk was occupied by a giant albatross in full oilies.

As we type this blog, a real, very curious young albatross, one that has been getting braver by the day, is flying directly over the ship, zigzagging in and out of main and fore masts, and then gliding majestically along the ship inspecting us all very quizzically. It is a great sight.

Paul, Alan (alias Andrew), Emma, Wendy, Andrew, Mike, Liz and Steph.


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