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January 27, 2014

Day 45

Well after a big weekend of celebrations, first Robbie Burns Day on Saturday and then Australia Day on Sunday things are a bit quieter. We were hit with a number of squalls last evening which brought with them rain and hail/sleet. Combined with sub 8 degree temperatures it was certainly a test of the efficiency of layers.

The miles seem to be flying by now that we are down to three digits with a possible race on to see, once we get to Ushuaia, who will eat the biggest steak, who will drink the most red wine and who will drink the most beer or maybe even all three! Plus who will have the longest shower.

Today we have had some sun which was a nice change and we have not long handed the spanker and there is a fair chance that we will get hit with another squall. But at 7 to 8 knots ship speed all is good.

Aft Starboard – Natalie, Megan, Sweeney, Fiona, Dave, Dick (Tex), Mike, Colin

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