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January 29, 2014

Day 47

Well, we continue to rock and roll our way to Cape Horn, it’s now little more than 400 miles before our redoubtable Captain orders: “Left hand down a bit, helmsman!” Then it will be up into the South Atlantic Ocean before we eventually turn towards the Beagle Channel and our final destination of Ushuaia. By that time we will have clocked up a fantastic 6,000 nautical miles.

We have just been told the brilliant news that the Lord Nelson has been awarded “Sail Training Ship of the Year, 2014” by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and the Association of Sail Training Organisations. Since approximately 160 other qualifying vessels were considered for the award everyone on board feels this to be a real honour, especially as we continue to face up to all the challenges this great voyage presents us with.

Good grief! We’ve just seen some fish jumping out of the water – it’ll be whales next!

Finally we would very much like to thank everyone at home in the UK (and elsewhere, come to think of it) for their encouragement and moral support for STW 6: we really do appreciate it and we’ll be home fairly soon to say so in person(s)!

Forward Starboard Watch: Paul, Alan, Wendy, Emma, Andrew, Liz and big Mike


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