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January 31, 2014

Stardate 31.1.14

Ahoy landlubbers!

The southern ocean weather has set deep into our bones, with a cold chill that cannot be shifted and frequent squals full of hail and rain. In other words, BRRR!!

We have recently had a very rare, but wonderful penguin sighting off the port stern. Unfortunately only seen by a handful of watch members.

A real treat of the southern ocean has been the beautiful star scape enjoyed on night watches, with many sightings of shooting stars and a satellite or two.

We are now only 134 NM from Cape Horn. The anticipation is building, as we near the Holy Grail of sailing. Dun dun daaaaaaah!!!

But in all seriousness we are all incredibly excited!

Cape Horn has a reputation for mighty winds and rough seas, however our current forecast is for light and fluffy conditions. We are slightly disappointed, but not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth.

To keep the crew active and warm there has been lots of sailing handling. Just about every sail has been touched in the last 24 hours. Huzzah! We have just hit a speed of 10 knots! Cape Horn here we come!

Bunk wars update:

Sweeney has been accused of being a teddybear kidnapper, finding multiple teddybears caged in her bunk. While Paul got the shock of his life, coming back to his bunk to find four lovely ladies sitting in it, lying in wait (Cook’s Ass Tracey, MP Liz, FS Emma and of course, Sweeney). He clearly had no idea what to do with such beauty, as he jumped so far back in shock he cleared the corridor. Sadly there was no girl-ish scream!

As we near the highlight of our voyage, we are thinking of those at home knowing many of them helped and supported us on this crazy endeavour. For that we Thank You.

We miss and love you all dearly!

Yours ever,

Aft Starboard: Natalie W/L, Dave C., Mike, Dick, Fiona, Colin, Meg and Sweeney


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