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January 7, 2014

5th – 7th Jan 2013

The voyage crew all arrived safely on board in Barcelona. They were introduced by Captain Simon to the rest of the permanent crew. This was then followed by a brief safety talk to get them through the night by Richard the mate. The next day the rest of the safety briefings were completed and the first emergency evacuation drill, where willing volunteers in their wheelchairs were evacuated from the accommodation deck to the main deck using blocks and tackle and team work.

Then the crew were instructed in how to put on a climbing harness and climb the rigging. Instruction in rope handling and braces came after lunch. Unusually we had an extra night alongside in Barcelona some of the voyage took the most of this opportunity to go for a wander ashore in the afternoon and evening around Barcelona. The extra night was because it was epiphany and the feast of the three kings is a big celebration in Spain and a bank holiday with lots of things closed.

The morning of Tuesday 7th dawned and eventually after a Happy Hour we had a pilot on board and went to another berth straight ahead almost but on a different non-public quayside. This was so that we could bunker fuel, which we could not get over the weekend or the previous day. Due to the slow start following a bank holiday there was a slight delay waiting for the fuel to arrive. Mid-afternoon saw us underway ready to start sailing.


Medical Purser


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