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January 9, 2014

Day 4 in the big brother boat.

The day started bright and early, 2 days out of Barcelona, with the Aft Port watch taking the bridge. The engines had been on from 10pm the night before. It was a day of bright sunny weather with little wind, motoring all day. During the first watch, we were alerted by the cabin boy, to the possibility he might have misplaced a prized personal possession, which was often seen abandoned around the ship. There followed a frantic ship wide search resulting in the discovery of a mug suspended high in the rigging. It was repositioned thus becoming either the lesser spotted coffee mug or the greater spotted coffee mug.

The day was punctuated by the appearance of a dolphin under the bow late in the afternoon.

After dinner the off-watches settled down to a well-earned frothy beverage, whilst reminiscing over the days dramatic events, Javier pirouetted down the mess but somehow miraculously lunged to save his beer.

Aft Starboard watch


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