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January 11, 2014

We arrived in Nice on the Saturday morning and during the morning we then did assisted climb for the intrepid voyage crew who required a bit of additional assistance in order to help them to climb up the mast. Ric and Liz took the easier option and put their faith into their fellow voyage crew members to haul them up to the fore top so that they could enjoy the view up there.

The voyage crew and some of the permanent made the most of the opportunity to have a wander and a meal ashore whilst in France. This is one of those voyages where it is possible to eat ashore in 3 different countries on one trip. First Barcelona in Spain, then Nice in France, and Italy. When going in towards Nice it seemed a bit strange to be fairly warm in the day at sea and the sun was shinning but there was snow on the mountains in the distance behind and around Nice.

Jo Medical Purser


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