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February 1, 2014

Day 50

With two V.C. on the helm, fighting to keep us on course, 10m waves crash over the stern of the Lord Nelson as it reaches Cape Horn. Or…..

Last evening, Jan 31st, there was elation as land was seen for the first time in 33 days; remember we had two New Year’s Eve. The high spirits continued this morning, and a special cake was baked and enjoyed. Our joy was short-lived,

At present we are becalmed and sidling round the cape in the wrong direction. We have mirror seas and up to a hundred albatross and petrels flying around and feeding on fish that are coming to the surface.

We remember all those sailors who have made the voyage round Cape Horn and especially those who did not make it who did not have the good weather that we have.

We are proud to be flying a flag given to our Captain by Chris Roche of the International Association of Cape Horners. Chris Roche went round Cape Horn in 1991 in Soren Larsen. Soren Larsen was one day ahead of Eye Of the Wind, which prior to Lord Nelson rounding the Horn, was the last British flagged Square Rigger to do so.

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