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February 8, 2014

Day 57

We find ourselves at anchor surrounded by beautiful scenery in the Beagle Channel.

Last night during our 8pm-12am watch, The Straights of Lemaire treated us to multiple wildlife sightings. We saw playful seals, synchronised dolphins, and an estimated 30 penguins (we’re not quite sure what the collective term is for that many penguins, though Boatswain Lesley had a rather good suggestion). Watchmember Mike claims to have seen a whale. The rest of the watch totally believes him…. Millions wouldn’t, but we do!

Before lunch today the crew continued the harbour stow (with minimal swearing and freaking out from Sweeney). We have now stowed 5 out the 6 sails, with everyone’s favourite sail, the spanker, left to the enjoyment of a brave few crewmembers.

Later in the afternoon the crew participated in the assisted climbs. Wendy, Liz and our own fearless leader Natalie scaled the ratlines of the fore mast to the first platform. An interesting challenge as the winds chose to pick up, marking it as the windiest conditions in the history of assisted climbs as Bosun Lesley remembers it (gusting over 30 knots). Well worth the spectacular snow mountain views of Chile and Argentina.

We eagerly await this evenings entertainment of bubbles on the bridge and SODS opera in the bar, followed by a night of anchor watches.

Yours ever,

Aft Starboard: Natalie W/L, Colin, Dave C, Dick, Mike, Fiona, Meg and Sweeney


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