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February 28, 2014

TNS 398

Day 6

We left Riposto in the afternoon under menacing clouds promising a wet night. This turned out to be true and sooner than we expected the downpour started. The Captains warning of bad weather and strong winds at the end of the week seemed to be coming true. This continued when we arrived on the watch from 8pm to midnight. This was the first time we had to wear full wet gear, which was quite uncomfortable. The night was dark and miserable with lightening in the distance. There were plenty of shipping lights in the distance, one in particular caused extra activity as it got close, with the Captain having to be roused from his bunk. We put full lights on to show we were under sail, even though we had the correct lights aloft. After that the wind eased and the rain stopped. On later watches the sails were stowed and the engines started as we were due in Syacruse mid morning.

We moored just before lunch time, having taken on the Pilot. After securing the ship we all went ashore to enjoy this beautiful city. A guided walk was arranged for later in the day and in the evening Aft port watch went out for a meal in a local spaghettiria along with a few bottles of wine and much laughter. Strolling back to the ship a good cappuccino put us in Morpheus hands for the midnight to 4am watch. That’s all folks.

Regards from Glenda, Gordon, Miguelito, Jasper, Cecilia, Mark and Bill.


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