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March 20, 2014

Last night we were alongside in the Mare Harbour naval base behind HMS Clyde. We were given a tour of the ship and invited to enjoy the hospitality of the nearby Mount Pleasant military base for the evening. Some of the voyage crew went bowling, others settled for a quiet pint. In return, we offered to take some people from the base along with us on our sail to Stanley. Chris the harbourmaster, Charlie, Laura and Mandy took us up on the offer and joined us for a very enjoyable day’s sailing. We managed to leave Mare Harbour just in time, as rising winds meant that the harbour was closed just after we left. Commerson’s Dolphins escorted us as we went out to sea.

A brisk SW force 7 pushed us along at good speed with inner jib, fore course and topsail and main topsail set. As we came in through the narrows, Stanley came in to view and was a beautiful sight. Then came the delicate task of going alongside a berth that was 10 meters shorter than the ship but captain Barbara and the permanent crew handled it with aplomb. In the evening, most of the crew had a walk around town before having a nice meal ashore.

Forward Port: Angela, Augusto, Clive, JC, Jim, Nick and Tom.

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