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April 4, 2014

Well the voyage is drawing to a close here in sunny Uruguay. The voyage crew are ashore lounging on the various beaches or chowing down in one of the many excellent local restaurants.

We’ve had a fantastic voyage up from Ushuaia, with the temperature rising a very pleasant 20+ degrees as we headed north. We’ve seen an amazing array of birds, dolphins, seals and even whales along the way. We’ve made great time with extended periods of really excellent sailing. Mix that with some sharp manoeuvres in and out of port or off anchor by our awe inspiring captain Barbara and you have a once in a lifetime voyage.

The BMs have been busy with the usual maintenance and rig work as well as keeping the galley in fish for the trip.

Over the past 24 days we’ve been sunburnt, wind burnt, well worked and always well fed by Derek. We’ve scrubbed heads, made beds, spliced, stitched, sweated and tailed the length of Argentina. Some people are ready for home but they won’t be long there before they’ll be missing sea and all the fun to be had on board Nellie.

3rd April 2014

Thanks to all the crew for an amazing voyage and a very happy Birthday to Jody from Didi and all the other BMs (Colin, Fred and Simone).



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