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April 24, 2014


A very warm welcome from the Aft Port watch on Day 6 of our South Atlantic voyage from Punta del Este to Rio de Janeiro. This is our second full day at sea and any initial sickness is well behind us and we are starting to pull together(pun intended) well as a ship’s company. Captain Chris has found some wind and we have 4 sails set on the foremast and 3 on the mainmast.

Earlier this morning we “wore ship” which basically meant a lot of rope pulling to put the ship on a better course. The breeze is now quite brisk with some rolling seas and fair skies….we could not ask for more but I guess that is a matter of opinion. In the spirit of international co-operation and good relations we have 2 Uruguayan gentlemen on the watch, a marine cadet, a retired gent who now seems to wander the oceans on various square-riggers, an experienced “Nellie” sailor and an aviator who sometimes struggles with 5 knots instead of 500kts.

Duty now calls so I will leave you with our best wishes and look forward to our next missive from the southern seas.

Alan, Ruth, Gordon, Lois, Santiago and Jordan.

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