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May 29, 2014

24th-26th May – Maintenance Days – lots of good fun and hard work, had to work around the rain and drizzle at times but that never stopped the BM’s getting lots done aloft. The ship is once again ready for her next adventure. We have all had a good explore of Rio, seen all the usual sights including several beer towers in Lapa.

27th May – Day 1. Joining day, we have a wonderful mix of people on this voyage, from all around the world and several different languages spoken. Some old timers and some new sailors, including a group of sea scouts from Rio. As usual the permanent crew have been very welcoming and helping us get prepared in heading out to sea.

28th May – Day 2. We left Gloria Marina, a complicated manoeuvre with many lines on each side and an anchor. Beautiful though slightly cloudy view back of Rio with Sugarloaf and Christ peeking out of the clouds. Rather a lot of swell so for a few of us we had a rough first night with seasickness.

29th May – Day 3. A beautiful morning to begin our new Brazilian adventure. Sunshine and calmer seas. The wind picked up so we set lots of sails and turned off the engines. We sailed along at good speed with the Brazilian coast off in the distance on our port side. What a life!

Love and hugs to all. Forward Starboard. Katherine, Karen, Jen, Kay, JC, Lucas and Micah.

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