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May 31, 2014

STW8C – Saturday 31st May 2014 – Day 6

A day of Brazilian sunshine and smooth seas after a night of starry sky’s, shooting stars and the milky way. Who could ask for more ? Whales have been sighted this morning, they remained by our side for about 30 minutes investigating the ship. The general consensus is that they were Dwarf Minke’s about 7-8 meters long with a dusky collar behind the head and white area on the upper flippers, a truly spectacular sight! No ships or birds were seen today but we were happy with our whale spotting.

We hear from Captain Chris that we have been given permission to visit the Abrolhos Islands tomorrow so dry land at last. These islands are a nature reserve owned by the Brazilian navy and are restricted to the common sailor however, we are in the know, and have managed to obtain a permit, yaipeeee!!! The afternoon watch is going well although the temperatures are too hot for some at 27 deg. We are enjoying the company of our new Brazilian Sea Scout friends and our Portuguese is improving by the hour.

Bons Ventos – Adeus for now – AFT STBD Watch ..


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