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May 5, 2014

Greetings from Tenacious, sitting alongside in Southampton, in glorious sunshine.

There are a good number of volunteers on board, all working very hard to maintain the ship, and to get her ready for the day sails and voyage TNS402. Most of the volunteers are “old hands”, the oldest hand being “dad” Derek, who is stuck into the pots and pans, and getting the galley ship shape around Hammie, the cook.

Others are in the engine room, in the cabins and in the most unlikely places…sawing, hammering, painting and such like. Chris R is sewing away in the lower mess, repairing the tie backs etc as needed, in between feeding the washing machine and dryer. She has actually achieved the break through of a clear deck in the laundry!

All activity was halted this afternoon, for a fire drill scenario, which involved the full breathing apparatus, medical evacuation and even a “press enquiry”! Captain Simon was pleased to report an excellent drill, and the search team, Rowan and Chipps were praised on their thorough technique.

Stores have come on board, and been put away, and the evening roast beef is starting to smell appetising in the galley, so it will soon be time for a clean through the ship and that welcome tot at the end of a productive days work. This evening will be time for many of us to catch up with each other, and to hear the Lord Nelson tales from Godfrey, and others who have taken part in Sail the World.

All for now

Jane F

Medical Purser

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