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June 1, 2014

Saturday to Sunday – 31st May to 1st June 2014

Sailing under topgallants, topsails, and main course before the wind on clear blue-green Brazilian seas, with winds ease and on the beam about 4 knots course -025 true.

We have been sailing in a slowly dying wind, and this morning we handed all sails and took to run under motor for the last 30 miles. The seas are green tropical and almost as warm as the air. At 1341 we spotted land, the lighthouse at Abrolhos where we will anchor and swim. The early watch saw fin whales, and we saw a giant whale sound near the horizon with a big white splash. This is Brazilian winter with warm air, sprinkled clouds and a clear green sea. Everyone can hardly wait to get into the coral reefs and lagoons.

At 16.00 today we are due to drop anchor just off one of the 5 Abrolhos islands, tomorrow afternoon we are supposed to be going ashore to explore the island and visit it’s one main tourist attraction, the lighthouse!


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