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June 5, 2014

Day 10

Once upon a time in a land far far away, on a sea of French Blue the good ship Nelly plied her way under full sail en route to Maceio. Under the afternoon tropical sun the team of 5 Brazilian Sea Scouts were challenged with moving a bucket of water up the main mast and over to the foremast and back to the deck without spilling the contents. Fortunately, not too many understood Portuguese as I am lead to believe the language was as blue as the sea! Nevertheless the task was achieved on the second attempt with a few minor modifications to the plan. Aft Ports morning watch started with Patrick pouring half a bottle of factor 50 cream onto himself and could not rub it all in so looked as though he’d whitewashed…..not doing his tan any good at all. Wednesday was a day of birthdays with Aoife being presented with a cream frosted cake under the main mast at smoko. Aft Port watch was lead into the by a young (16 year old) Sea Scout Daniel from Rio who managed the task with skill and aplomb well beyond his years. Congratulations to him….hoorah!!

Thursday continues in the same vein as Wednesday, sea temperature of 27.5 deg C and air temperature matching at 27.5…. What a life!!!

Ian,  Aft Port Watch

PS Medical Purser Ronan would like to say hello to his Mammy, hello Mammy Ging!

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