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July 24, 2014

Yesterday’s usual routines were enlivened by a game of Sea Cricket on the port deck with a handmade bat and a ball made of rags and duct tape attached to a long string. Team Australia scored 39 ½ and Team West Indies scored a whopping 53. Later Captain Barbara announced a schedule change – due to heavy fog predicted in Nova Scotia, we will be bypassing Lunenburg and heading straight for Halifax arriving there on July 27th.

Today’s normal routine was broken by another emergency practice – this time Gaz was “injured” in a fall in the engine room and was prepared for evacuation by medi-vac.

During our afternoon watch we have sailed past Chesapeake Bay, Philadelphia, and Long Island, and are now nearing Nantucket Island. Unfortunately these delightful sounding destinations were all just over the horizon. The winds and sea have picked up markedly so it is clear we are no longer in the warm, sunny, laid back south and have entered the grey, churned up, stormy North Atlantic. Lots of white caps and sea birds, mostly gulls. The water temperature has dropped from 29 degrees C to 22C.

The winds and rain reached 30 knots at times and the highest speed Nellie reached was 11.6 knots. Three of our watch members – Eli, Aoife, and Anke/Pinky – have started 49 hours of silence which is being sponsored by donations from the crew which will go to the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

Aft Stbd Susan, Karen, Derek, Frank, Eli, Aoife, Anke/Pinky, Mike &Mel.

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